Ball Program

Admission: 8 pm Ball start: 9:30 pm

Entry of the guests of honor

Ball opening by the debutantes
Choreography: Prof. Dipl.-Kfm. Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer

Chamber singer ildiko Raimondi

Speeches and opening words

Alles Walzer

0.00 Uhr Midnightshow
„The Great Gatsby – the Roaring Twenties Show“

0.30 Uhr und 02.00 Uhr
Quadrille in the ballroom

Taxi dancer
Opposite the stage at the foot of the stairs to the auditorium you can expect from 23.30 to 02.30 clock our three men and a lady on behalf of the Lawyers Association to swing the dance floor with you.

Invariably floor-length evening dress, tuxedo with white bow tie, tuxedo with black / colored bow tie or gala uniform.
The Ball Committee reserves the right to deny access to persons in non-matching clothing!
Changes reserved!

Charity raffle

The charity competition this year benefits the non-profit organization “Wider die Gewalt”.
The tickets are sold on the ball for the price of 10 Euro / piece.


Kammersängerin Ildiko Raimondi (Vienna State Opera)

Homage to Franz Lehár on his 150th birthday
“Hör’ ich Cymbalklänge”
“Bin ich verliebt”


Midnightshow: „The Great Gatsby – the Roaring Twenties Show“

Musicalstar Ann Mandrella and Ensemble…

… with a dance performance by “Dancing Star 2019” Thomas Kraml and the TV show’s professional dancers.

Ziehrer Hofball Orchestra

The Ziehrer-Hofballorchester was founded in 2009 and is one of the most renowned dance orchestras in Vienna. The program is flexibly selected for each occasion and tuned to the audience. Under the direction of Prof. Mag. Hans Schadenbauer, the Ziehrer-Hofballorchester is a guarantor for the style-appropriate musical accompaniment.
Special emphasis is placed on the interpretation of Viennese dance music.
With its refreshing musical style, the Ziehrer-Hofballorchester is a guarantee for every successful ball night. The repertoire includes dance numbers for young and old: classical Viennese waltzes, polkas, tangos, quadrilles and evergreens. As a long-time director of Gardemusik Wien, Hans Schadenbauer is a connoisseur and particularly sensitive interpreter of Viennese waltzes, polkas, tangos and evergreens.

Pepe Allstar Band

Your ballroom is our arena – under this motto, the musicians of the Pepe Allstar Band, led by Josef “Pepe” Schütz, combine the tradition of dance with today’s ball culture and are now among the most renowned ensembles in Austria. Distinctive big band sound and renowned musicians characterize this orchestra. Whether as a large dance orchestra or smaller formation, the Pepe Allstars are welcome guests at the top-class festivals of this country.
A varied repertoire of ball classics to today’s hits, years of experience, accurate dance tempi and excellent musicians are the guarantee for your success on the international stage.
Bandleader Josef Schütz is also a member of the successful formation “The Rats Are Back” and also performs regularly with this vocal group.


Hans Peter Gratz & Band – modern and classic

The slightly different formation consisting of piano / bass, drums, singer, saxophone, trumpet and violin gives a touch of big band sound and the grace of strings.
The deliberate renunciation of the guitar, the striking piano playing of Hans Peter Gratz and the pieces he has specially arranged, between classic and modern, gentle and wild, well-known and new, Viennese waltz and jive, make the ensemble unmistakable and guarantee exclusive flair.


Justiz-Clubbing Deluxe with the DJs Waldi & Wolf

The judicial DJs Waldi & Wolf organize judicial clubbing every month. What began in the spring of 2004 with about 400 guests in the Justiztower now has 24,000 members and the fan base is still growing.
After an interlude in the venerable Palace of Justice, Waldi & Wolf was an “institution” for 10 years in the Vienna Volksgarten, before moving into the Albertinapassage Quartier in the winter of 17.
The legal clubbing family consists of young and young academics, lawyers from law firms and legal departments from 22 to 50.
Waldi & Wolf travel musically with pleasure from Abba to The Killers, from David Guetta to Robbie Williams and will rock the forum at the Lawyers’ Ball!


Ground floor