„Wider die Gewalt“ is marking a strong sign against violence since 30

Former Austrian Chancellor Dr. Franz Vranitzky founded the non profit
organisation “Against Domestic Violence” in May 1990.

Purpose of the organisation is to financially support programs fighting
violence and support club charities helping the victims of violence.. The
organisation is particularly focusing on violence in the family.

In favour of the original initiative the project became a public benefit.
During the last 29 Years the organisation could raise a total yield of
more than  3, 3 Million Euro!

This amount coud be reached with the help of more than 450 international
performing at the annual Benefit Gala in Vienna, the profit of the
tickets, donations and corporate sponsorings.

The artists are all performing free of charge. The net profit of the
different events throughout the year are transferred to the organisations who
applied for a sponsorship during the year and have been selected by the
Executive Board.

The gala event is very well recognized within the press world and has
welcomed more than 450 artists over the past 25 years such as ESC Winner Conchita, Melanie C, Paul Potts, OPUS, Xavier Naidoo, Wolfgang
Ambros, Roland Kaiser, Jeanette Biedermann, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Christiane
Hörbiger, DJ Ötzi, Rainhard Fendrich, Der Graf von Unheilig, Albert Hammond,
Udo Jürgens, Semino Rossi, André Heller, Karl Markovics, Christina Stürmer,
Bonnie Tyler
and many more.

The organisation was able to help over 280 associations and organisations with the money raised to continue their work in helping the victims of violence. For further informations please visit the website www.widerdiegewalt.at or feel free to contact us .

Trattnerhof 2/Top 204
1010 Vienna
Tel:     +431 5332077
Fax:    +431 5359333
Mobil: +436641001077