General Terms and Conditions

This website serves to give information on the Ball of Legal Professionals booking of tickets
respectively seats.

Terms of Usage and Copyright
The information offered on this website is thoroughly checked and regularly updated. We do
not guarantee the completeness, topicality, and correctness of the contents offered within the
frame of these internet sites. Amendments and errors are possible. Access to, and usage of, the
website and the information therein contained or referred to are the sole responsibility of the
user. Referrals to other internet sites are typical elements of the WorldWideWeb. The contents
of sites referred to, however, are explicitly not part of this website. Any warranty or liability
for the content or amendments of content of sites referred to is explicitly excluded. The use of
any of the contents of this website, in particular their reproduction, dissemination,
broadcasting, and performance for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Data Protection and Privacy
The personal data required for bookings or inquiries, e.g. name, telephone number, fax, or
email address, will be used exclusively for the aforementioned purposes and will not be
communicated to third parties nor be kept on the record beyond the frame of the particular
transactions, unless for compliance with statutory provisions, our own advertising purposes,
and the processing of payments.
Basic Data and Data Protection
Ticket bookings will be in coded Modus SSL – Mode (SecretSocketLayer Mode). Therefore
the data are coded during the transfer and not legible for third parties. When the system is
working in SSL Mode the URL will switch automatically from http:// to https://.
Ticket Bookings over the Internet
are binding. Upon a booking, the customer will receive an automatically sent email, which is
the order confirmation. A cancellation, exchange, or other contract withdrawal will explicitly
not be allowed. Cogent statutory remedies remain thereby unaffected. The services offered are
leisure services that must be rendered at a certain point in time respectively within a precisely
specified time frame. Therefore in the case of contracts concluded by distance selling the
customer is not entitled to the statutory special right of withdrawal provided for distance
selling transactions.

Disclaimer of Warranty
Should for reasons of technology, organization, or any other reason the printout of the tickets
in A4 format not come about, the price of the tickets and the charges (if any) will in no case
be refunded. The ball office also disclaims any liability for expenses directly or indirectly
connected to the (now irrelevant) booking, (e.g. there will be no refunding of the charges for a
trip cancellation).

Credit Cards:
The following credit cards will be accepted: Visa, Master Card.

Service and usage of the Tickets
The booked tickets will be sent to the buyer exclusively by email. Service by postal delivery
is not possible.
At the entrance the principle of first access prevails – ball tickets printed out in A4 format that
have with their clear identification been accepted first, are valid. Subsequent ball tickets with
identical access rights – e.g. copied tickets – will automatically become invalid upon the first
access. The customer is only allowed to make one print copy per ball ticket.
Beyond that, he/she is not allowed to make any further printouts, or to reproduce tickets that
have already been printed out in order to gain for himself or a third person unauthorized
access to the event, or to enrich thereby himself or third persons unlawfully. The customer
must take all reasonable measures to make reproduction or duplication of the tickets by third
persons impossible. The one-way ticket code on the ball tickets will be invalidated at the
place of the event in the Imperial Palace electronically by code scanners.
Ball tickets with an invalidated code will give no access to the event. The commercial resale
of ball tickets is not permitted.
If the personalization of tickets becomes required by law or the government, we will e-mail
the purchaser before the event with detailed information about the necessary procedures.
Please note that in this case, only personalized tickets will be valid at check-in. The
personalization can be updated at any time until the ticket is redeemed at the event. A legally
or officially ordered personalization of the tickets does not constitute a reason to cancel the

Refund of Tickets
is in principle excluded. Returning or exchanging of paid tickets is not possible. Nor refund
will be paid for tickets that were not used or (e.g. by being late) only partially used, or for
tickets that have been lost for whatever reason.

Cancellation or Postponement of the Event
The ball office has no obligation to inform the ticket holders of cancellations/postponements
(if any). We will still endeavor to notify all buyers as far as it is feasible. In no case do we
take the responsibility for any travel or hotel expenses, or any other expenditures in
connection with a ball that has been cancelled or postponed to a later date.
In the case of cancellation a refund of the ticket price can only be claimed with the organizers;
the relevant procedure will be published on the ball homepage

Our Prices
The ball office of the Ball of Legal Professionals is in charge of reservations, bookings, and
providing the tickets for advance sale. The prices indicated on the Ball of Legal Professionals
website or by telephone are final prices and include all charges and duties. There is an
additional handling fee per transaction.

Juristenverband – 1010 Wien, Weihburggasse 4/9, AUSTRIA.