Ball of legal professionals 2024

Carnival Saturday, February 10th 2024


Student tickets, Trainee tickets, Discounted tickets and Judicial Clubbing DeLuxe tickets are sold out!

Experience a wonderful ball night with us,
that connects two great traditions


Get to know the exciting world of Nippon right from the entrance in the foyer. Consult the famous Omikuji oracle in Japanese tradition, let yourself be transported to the center of one of the famous shrines in front of our photo wall and immerse yourself in the exotic world of the Land of the Rising Sun!
As has been the case for many decades, the most traditional of all balls takes place in the Hofburg on Carnival Saturday.
Enjoy a night with “Madama Butterfly” and discover the similarities of these very different countries, coupled with the classic tradition of the  Ball of legal professionals such as the entry of the guests of honor, the ball opening by the young women’s and men’s committee of the Elmayer dance school and the audience quadrille at midnight and 2 a.m Clock.
And of course our disco in the tried and tested combination with a renowned clubbing should not be missed!
Waltz music and modern sounds fill the state rooms true to our motto
Tradition with a twist!